Frost’s Brainstorming, with pictures and diagrams, for science project    March 2010


1 Bug zapper 

Bug zapper has been tested out, seems to work fine. There is a trap with light and bug zapper, which looks a little tennis racket,
 bought at Fred Meyer. Also called light zapper, this trap would work best at night.

The bug zapper is held up by a box.

Kills almost immediately. There will be a trash box on one side for them to fall into.

A light in a metal frame (which fits as if it had been made for the zapper) will attract the bugs. To prevent bugs from entering in the back a bag with bug spray on it will make sure that they do not want to approach bag, but they will want the light, will fly around from the back to the front, not seeing the metal wires on the zapper and will fly forward right into the metal wires. Zap.



2 Ferocious Three

There will be two plastic containers, each one with water and one with a lid. One of them will have rocky waves, the other water will be smooth and flat. There will a small hole in the plastic on the left side right next to the rocky waves. There will be one special magnetic net. They’ll fly to the magnetic net; the magnets will snap together, trapping them. The magnets will weigh it down making them fall in to the smooth water and drowning. There will also be food in both waters and there will be fish in the smooth water to eat the bugs.



3 Death to the Flame.  (like “moth to a flame”) A piece of plastic covering a candle will have a little hole in the top. The bugs will fly in through the hole and die in the flame.



4 Bug Spray. Administered directly from a spray bottle. For ingredients, see next bug trap (“Death to Basin”), where these same ingredients are used in a more elaborate way.



5 Death to Basin. There will be a basin filled with recipe of liquid made of these ingredients: red hot chili peppers, vinegar, alcohol, soap, water. It will require a lot of experiments, because it is supposed to be very hot, hot enough to hurt the skin. Some food will be floating in the basin and at the bottom; the bugs will dive for the food; this liquid will also have to be sticky; they will not be able to get free. And sink and drown.



6 maze with lots of booby traps, like syrup, tape, food with poison in it, etc.



7 Kitten will kill bugs. Kittens like to attack bugs and destroy them. Bugs will climb up stairs or ladder to get to food, and on the other side, the kitten will be waiting.



8 blocks of cheese with space between them and fruit and syrup on them


9 Bug Snap. Very complicated. Bugs land on board, which is on a loose string, which is on a mouse trap, which will snap onto a string, which will pull down a knife, then there will be string holding a cage; the knife will cut the string, making the cage fall onto the bugs, which were attracted onto the board with food and syrup.