March 2003



Frost especially likes expressions such as "ow!," "hot!," and "whew!" If anyone makes an exclamation that involves a strong exhalation of air, he will copy it. He finds the emphatic expression interesting, I think. He has discovered puddles. He loves to splash in them, swirl the water with a stick, etc. I made Frost some magnets, with his favorite characters from Sesame Street and books. He really enjoys playing with them. Eventually, they will be a travel toy, but they would probably all get lost if we tried to do that now.

Almost as soon as Frost turned 18 months old, he started to show some of the defiant behavior I've heard so much about (which they call "terrible two's, but which usually starts around 18 months). He doesn't say "no," but he makes his "no" known. He now hates having his diaper changed, and will run away, scream, and hide in a corner when he knows it's approaching. He has started having tantrums when he doesn't get his way. If he feels like he is participating in some way, that helps. Soon we will be taking a long trip on the airplane, and so we are stocking up on entertainments and distractions.

March 31, 2003

March 22, 2003

March 17, 2003

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