January 2003

Pointing is still Frost's favorite gesture. He also likes to "clean."
Any opportunity he gets, he likes to take a napkin or towel and wipe
the floor or table. I guess it makes a big impression on him when I
clean something up. He is also getting very interested in feeding
himself lately. He liked to have things "whole" (strawberries, waffle)
rather than cut into pieces. He loves to eat peas, picking them up one
by one. He likes to eat things with a spoon, but usually loses
whatever is on it before he makes it to his mouth.

He knows the word "uh-oh," but doesn't like to say it. He likes to say
the word "ow," which he uses rather generally if anyone trips or bumps
into something.

I got Frost his own stepstool, and he absolutely LOVES to stand at the
sink and wash his hands. He consents to let me brush his teeth at
night. The pediatrician said it was time to start using toothpaste,
but he's still getting used to that part.

He has started holding out his little hand whenever he wants help (up
the stairs or down a slide). It is very cute.

Grandma came to visit for 5 days. Leslie was here and Frost had a
ball. He now knows who "grandma" is, and he loves to spend time with
her. It is nice to see him expand his small circle of "people I can




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