13 Months Old in October 2002

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10/6-- It's cute to watch Chett and Frost play together. The first
evening we arrived, Frost kept getting Chett's nose (a game we play at home). I was trying to figure out why he might have done that, and I think that one of us must have said something that sounded like nose. It's amazing what they understand these days-- you have to start to be careful what you say around them. Chett and Frost got along very well overall. One of the cutest things was when Chett was offering Frost sips from his bottle. Frost has always refused to take a bottle or a pacifier, but he is fascinated with other kids' bottles and pacifiers. I got Chett a TOMY ball bounce toy for his birthday. Chett and Frost took it apart together (more fun, I guess, than putting the balls through the tunnels).

10/8-- Frost took six steps in a row today (his record so far). He absolutely adores being in Zion. He gets to play with rocks, climb on rocks, look at rocks, share rocks and, best of all, eat rocks. What could be better?

10/27-- Frost was helping me sort some books today. I had a pile of books on the floor that I was planning on getting rid of. Frost took each book and handed it to me. "Da!" he would say with each one as I took it and put it in my lap. Then he tried to crawl into my lap but it was full of books, so he had to take each one, and stack them up in a pile again. He has started to climb into my lap when he wants me to read him a book, which is ultra-cute.