August 2002
11 months old

Frost verifies that instructions have been followed in futon-frame construction

book lover

first haircut


banana -- yum


August 20th-- Today Frost managed to get his diaper off all by himself. He also read the newspaper, carpeting the floor with it. He has been trying to make the sign for light, but he is having difficulty, as it is just the reverse of the nursing sign. But he will point up at the light and spread his five fingers apart, and sometimes says something that sounds like, "Li--." He refused to eat the jar of lentil baby food, but he loves my lentil soup. He's a big fan of soups in general. And he is still on an avocado kick. He loves pop-up books, because you can reach out and grab the pictures (he doesn't understand why the pictures in other books are so flat). Every evening, I tape his favorite pop-up book ("The Wheels on the Bus") back together so he can rip the pictures out again the next day.

August 22nd-- A few of Frost's favorite things: Saying "Baboom," unrolling the toilet paper and tearing it up into little bits and sometimes eating those little bits, pointing at *everything*. We went to Toys 'R' Us to shop for his birthday, and he went into pointing overload, his little finger flying all over the place. I ordered him his first crayons today and a really large pad of paper.

August 28th-- Frost really enjoys being outside. We are spending a few days at Hood Canal with Tom, Dan, and Tim, and Frost is having a great time picking blueberries and feeding himself, pushing anything he can around the house (chairs, ottomans), trying to eat rocks on the beach. He loves to give things to people-- it is SO cute.

September 1-- Frost is starting to say some "words," sporadically. He has said light, kitty, hi, here, Dada, and Mama. He is definitely starting to make the connection between words and objects. He makes the sign for "doggie" (he rubs his fingers together because he can't
quite snap his fingers), but he still does not believe me that cat is something different from dog. I think that he also uses the sign for "nursing" as more of an all-purpose communication (to mean "I'm hungry," or "I'm sleepy" or just "I want something"). It's hard to
know when he really wants to nurse. One day this month, he only nursed three times, and I thought he might be weaning himself, but no such luck.

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