June 2002
9 Months Old

Great grandmother

Great grandmother



We were in NY from June 10th to 20th, introducing Frost to his two great grandmothers and other relatives. It was a great trip-- Bob and Leslie babysat a lot, so Bob and I were able to go to movies and go shopping. It was fun. It took Frost a while to adjust to the time zone, though--he was up until 3 AM the first couple nights. Bob and I watched movies on DVD while we stayed up with him.

Frost made his first sign (for "milk") while sitting on his great-grandma Mary's lap, on his 9-month-old birthday, while being videotaped-- fortuitous timing. Although that was the first time he made the sign clearly, I think that he associates the sign with me, and makes it more to mean, "I want Mommy," or even, "I need something but I'm not sure what it is," than to mean "milk" or "nursing"
specifically. We still make the "eat" and "more" signs, but only sporadically. Speaking of eating, Frost is branching out. He LOVES Cheerios, and has gotten quite skillful at picking them up himself
(developing his pincer grasp). He will also eat small pieces of bananas, cooked carrots, pasta, and spoonfuls of avocado.

He is getting more difficult to photograph, as he is always in motion. But we finally got a good digital camera, so we can take better pictures. I also got a scanner for my birthday, so I might be able to get some other photos in here too (like some black and whites).

Always in motion, paying attention to everything. He is especially attentive to noises, and will whip his head around in response to the doorbell or the dog barking. Frost has many funny expressions lately, like he's kind of trying to smile, but can't quite get there.

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