May 2002
Age 8 Months

with Tim
and Dan

Frost's favorite toy
(a bubble blower)
he carries around with him wherever he goes

selecting a book

at Gymboree
with Grandpa Smith

dining at home

eating at Chili's

chewing on a boat


Back two weeks, and we are still recovering from the trip to Hawaii. Frost refuses to sleep anywhere but our bed on vacation so I am really hoping we can get him back in the crib now that we're home. The day after today (his 8-month-old birthday), he slept in his crib until 9:30 AM (!), and when I went in the morning, he was on his stomach (that's the first time that's happened). Then I brought him into our bed, and he slept another 2 hours, until 11:30, which was really nice.

Frost officially started crawling on Mother's Day (very exciting). Now we're in trouble!

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